Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowy January Day

Today in Alabama we experienced something very rare... SNOW!  
I know to some of you snow is nothing exciting, but rather a pain. Here, all the weather man has to do is mention the word snow and people go crazy! It has been quite a while since we have had a snow that actually stuck to the ground for more than 5 seconds. 
soo true! This pic was from our 2011 snow
Here are the same people today..
I thought this picture was too funny!! They ended up not getting any snow

I am not lying about Alabamians going cray cray over snow! For some reason we think we must have milk and bread if snow is coming. I am not sure why and I don't think they understand either, but it's something you just do. haha. This is a local grocery store right after the snow started coming down.. 
This is no lie. I am sure by closing tonight they were totally out of bread! 

I started out the day mad that every other school around us was getting delayed for school and we were still going at regular time. By 9:30am I was rejoicing along my students that we were getting out of school at 11:00. 

How did I spend my afternoon?
First, by going to get lunch with my mom and grandparents. By the time we left the restaurant the snow was really starting to come down. I rolled my window down to take quick picture of the snow that was falling and snow blew in the car really fast! 

During this time my brother was sending me pictures from the University of Alabama. He had taken Polo out to play in the snow! 
Isn't he the cutest?!

It snowed quite a bit in Tuscaloosa. Here is a look inside the UA football stadium.. 

Once I got home, I decided to catch up on some shows on the dvr.... well after the first 5 mins of Pretty Little Liars I fell asleep. After my nap, I went to spend time with the boyfriend. Later that night I found out we were delayed for school this morning by 3 hours! I love sleeping in so I was super excited!

And if you don't believe in our snow excitement check this video out.. So cute!
I had a very similar reaction when my high school juniors found out they were getting out of school early!

I bet you find humor in our snow excitement. I usually love making snow cream (snow, milk, sugar and vanilla extract) but I forgot to go get some today. Have any of you ever had snow cream? 
What is your favorite thing to do on snowy days? 

Oh, I tried the sock bun curls tonight. I will let you know if it worked out!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

How I have missed the Oh, How Pinteresting! This was always one of my favorite posts of the week :)
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If you see my boards you will know I am obsessed with Pinterest!

Let's get to it..
I love the white blazer and the pearls!
It looks like something Emily Maynard would wear

How cute is this sports bra? 
I want to monogram everything!

I can't wait for spring to get here 
so I could wear this little number!

I want the Tory Burch wrap with leopard

Is this not soo true?

Speaking of pets..
I'm thinking this engagement picture is a must!

Leaving you with encouraging words today. 
I love this verse and the chevron!

Which one of these pins was your favorite?
Make sure you leave a comment so I can be sure to check out your pin board! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney World Adventure

Before going to Miami my aunt, uncle, cousins and I stopped at Disney World for two days. We went to Hollywood Studios on Thursday and then Friday we went to Magic Kingdom. I had so much fun! I had not been to Disney World since I was 8 years old. Needless to say, a lot of things have changed over that many years.
The only thing that was a bummer was that it rained pretty much all day on Friday when we were at Magic Kingdom. It was only a light rain, but messy enough to have to wear a poncho.

I LOVED the new princess section at Magic Kingdom. I would like to go back when the Snow White section is finished. The princess castles were amazing!
Rapunzel's new castle


My cousin is obsessed with Ariel. Her main goal was to meet Ariel so she could post pictures. We waited in line for about 30 mins to meet her. I even got my picture made with her. 
The new Ariel ride is pretty fun too. We rode it twice because my cousin liked it so much. 
This is my favorite part of the movie. (Scene from the new ride)

Later that night we watched the Electrical Parade. It was neat to see all of the character walk down the street. 

I had such a good time reminiscing on all the good memories that I had of this place. I will say things were a little different than I remembered. I guess when you are a child all things seem so magical and now being adult I obviously look at things a little different. But, with that being said I would love to go back!! 
This picture pretty much sums it up!

Have you ever been to Disney World? If so, what is your favorite thing to do there? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome to Miami

Wow, it has been way too long since I have blogged! I feel like I am so out of the loop with what is going on in everyone's lives. I have missed reading your stories and hearing about all the great products you were trying. I am going to do my best to try and keep up with blogging. After coming home from work and taking classes I feel like I don't have time to blog. I have a lot to catch you up on from the past several months. Today I will go ahead and post about my most recent vacation. 

As most of you ladies already know football is a big deal in the south. Saturdays in the fall are mainly consisted of football games and tailgating. A week ago today was the college football national championship in Miami, Florida. My team, the Crimson Tide, just so happened to being playing in the big game again, second year in a row! My uncle surprised my family with tickets to the game and we were very excited to go!
 I flew down a few days before the game to go to Disney World with my cousins. I will have a separate post for that. In Miami it was in the 80s and great weather! Let me tell you I did not miss the cold weather here in Alabama! On Sunday, we went to South Beach to sight see. We went out on the beach to put our toes in the water. 
I could have stayed out there all day! 
After we left the beach we went to the Fontainbleau hotel down the street because that is where the Alabama football team was staying. We looked around, took pictures with the team buses and shopped in a store that had national championship gear. (interesting fact: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were seen at this hotel later that night!)

After leaving the hotel, we went and walked the streets of Miami. I had looked up the Kardashian sister's clothing store- DASH and I just had to visit. Once I got there, there was a line of people waiting to go into the store. The security guard was only letting several people in at a time. The store was a lot smaller than I had expected or remembered it being on the tv show. I thought most of the prices were a little much, but I decided to buy a candle as a souvenir. Now when I watch Kim and Kourtney take Miami next week, I can say I have been in that store haha. 

After leaving Dash, we went to the national championship fan fare located the beach. Let me just tell you I have seen way too many bikini thongs to last a life time and some of the ladies definitely did not need to be wearing one!

After spending the afternoon at the beach, we went to the Miami Heat basketball game. I had never been to a NBA game so I was really excited. It was really neat getting to see LeBron James in person! 

Monday was the day of the game and we had to get to the stadium extremely early to get good parking. We spend all mid-morning and afternoon hanging around the stadium. 
Then finally it was game time. The game was great, well of course it was because Alabama won! We had really good seats and the atmosphere was great. 
I love the panoramic shot on the iphone! 
The family was all split up inside the stadium, but my mom and I sat together. We had a good time celebrating the win! It looked as if Notre Dame wasn't ready for the big game. Final Score was 42-14.

I thought this was really neat:
My brother and I went to the national championship game in California in 2010. That was my senior year at the University of Alabama and that was UA's first championship since 1992. This year happens to be my brother's senior year at Alabama and we won the championship again! My brother tweeted "there has been a Purpura attending the University of Alabama for the past three championships, we must be a lucky family." I am so thankful we were able to attend those games!
Leaving the stadium I had to take this picture:
I thought this was very appropriate especially since Alabama has won 15 championships! 
We had a really late night! We didn't get back to our hotel until 2ish and I didn't get in the bed until 3am. My brother and I got up at 5 to go to the airport to catch our flight back home. Once we landed in Birmingham we were greeted with these: 
I felt like we were the ones who had played the night before... the media was everywhere in the airport wanting to interview the fans who were arriving. The trip was fantastic and I feel very lucky to have been able to attend! :) I saw this on Facebook, I am not sure if this is something the state of Alabama is looking into doing or not. I think it would be awesome!
I love it! I think it is amazing that Alabama and Auburn have won the past 4 football championships! Well, I guess the statement is true.. 
At some places they play football at Alabama we live it!  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Letters

Y'all should be very proud of me... I made my own social icon buttons. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to make them, I think they turned out okay! I am going to join a new link up today. I always  love meeting new blog friends! The link up is called Friday Letters and you can join the fun too by going here.

I am very excited to show off my new nephew today! (He is actually my boyfriend's nephew, but we have been together for almost 9 years so I think it's appropriate to call him my nephew too!)
 Tripp Stephens 
Born: August 6, 2012
9 lbs 10 oz

Dear Tripp: 
You are the cutest and most precious baby. I want to come over and hold you all the time! I think you are growing up too fast, you will be two weeks old on Monday. I can't wait to experience all your firsts this year- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. 
Ride home and first night at home 
All of these pictures were taken by a local photographer!
She is a great job!
Isn't he precious?!!

Dear Summer,
I miss you already! This is my last post before school starts :( The summer has ruined me. I think I should be traveling, sleeping late and going shopping everyday! 

Thanks for stopping by!
 Leave a comment to let me know if you are from the Friday Letters link up! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday is Very Pinteresting!

I really missed Pinteresting Wednesday during my summer break. I love seeing everyone's posts of their favorite pins! Thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog yesterday via the GFC bloghop! :)

Here are my favorite pins of the week:

Aren't these cute?
I need to make some of these for my room!
Love this color!
Such a cute outfit!!
I will need to make these instead of eating in the lunchroom!
Buffalo wrap!
Isn't she precious?!
Love the chevron
I need to get this for my nephew!
Love these shoes!
Can't go wrong with bows!
Cute idea for wedding shower!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Changes in Life

Change is something we all have to face every now and then. I have some new changes on the blog and in life! What do you think of the new blog look? I have been wanting a new design for a few months now but I decided to bite the bullet and actually do something about it. I love the banner because I am huge quatrefoil lover! 

I still want to do a few minor changes, but so far I like it. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how do make the Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Icons? I have some of they are all spaced a part and I am looking for them all to be side by side and easy to find. I would really like to find a somewhat cheap way to make them, if not free! So please let me know about that! :)

As far as life changes.. I start back to school with all teachers today. I have been on contract for a week already, but I have been working in my room putting up bulletin boards and working on the class's syllabuses. Here in Alabama we had a new law passed that school could not start until August 20th because they wanted people to still travel to Alabama to visit the beach and other venues. I must say I enjoyed the longer summer, although I did attend a lot of meetings. The only down side is that we lost a lot of our holidays and teacher work days because we are still getting out of school May 24th. I will miss sleeping in and going shopping, but I will be glad to get back in the routine and get everything going again. 
A few of the thing in my classroom.
I guess you can tell the themes are owls and chevron!
I just know that fall means football!! That is a whole other post in itself! 
I hopefully will get in the groove of posting. I will be going back to school to finish my certification, so I know it will be a busy first semester. Stay tuned to see my new nephew, pics of Polo and all the traveling I did this summer! 

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