Friday, March 25, 2011

Here's a story... about a girl named Brittany

This is my first blog post ever! I will tell you a little about myself: My name is Mary Brittany, but everyone calls me Brittany. I have been reading several blogs that have inspired me to write my own, but it has taken awhile for me to think of a good name. I decided to name the blog, b.mary & blessed because it still uses my name, but is also a reminder to stay merry and blessed in our lives.
I was born and raised in a small southern town in Alabama my whole life. I finally moved to what I considered a "small city" when I moved to Tuscaloosa to start college at The University of Alabama. I recently graduated last May with a degree in communications. Being "out in the real world" has not been bad, but I definitely miss college! I started my first job this past August as a transfer advisor for Faulkner State Community College, it is a program through The University of Alabama. It has been a great job and I have loved helping students figure out what they want to do with their lives and then supply them with the information they need to move on to the next step in college. So for the past 8 months I lived at the beach!
                                                               Gulf Shores at sunset

A few other facts about me: I am a christian and love God, my boyfriend of 7 years, family and friends! I am very easy to get along with! I also love to bake! I took a cake decorating class last year and had so much fun that I now bake for friends and family. I also like to party plan so my dream would be to open up a bakery and plan birthday parties and bigger events too! 

                                                                     me with my parents

                                                            me with my boyfriend, wesley

Here is a list of the things I love: 
a- alabama, advising 

b- bible, bows, baking, books, *big cities*, brother, bama sports 

c- cupcakes, cousins, cakes, Christmas, college, Chanel, candles, classical music,

d- designing, decorating

e- elephants, earrings

f- friends, football 

g-grandparents, gum, games

h- headbands, hearts, heels, houndstooth, hand-written letters

i- ice (crushed)

j-Jesus, jewelry, jessica simpson wallets


l-love letters, lists

m-magazines, music

n-nemo (my dog), netflix

o-orange roses, old-timely love stories

p-parents, pearls, party planning, purses, pictures

q- quizzes, quarterbacks (ha ha)

r-rain, ruffles in fabric

s-salvation, sales, sunglasses, shopping, southern way of life

t- t.v. shows, talking, texting

u-uncles & my aunts 

v-vintage decor

w-wesley, weddings


y-yankees baseball


I am sure I left something or someone out, sorry! I hope to be blogging almost everyday, so come back and feel free to leave comments! =) 

love, Brittany


Maw Maw Julie said...

For your first blog it's great. Mine is not so great. LOL, I am very new to this and my first blog began yesterday. LOL feel free to follow me if you'd like not sure what I'm doing yet. But, I want to try your brownie recipe. will let you know..

haha..I may have to use your alphabet on my blog..maybe that could help a little ..I will enjoy following you :)

Brittany said...

Thank you for being my first follower!! I am very new to blogging myself, maybe we can share tips with each other :) The brownies were amazing, but yes please let me know how they turn out!