Thursday, March 31, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame...

Does anyone know what today is?
 Here is a hint:

It's Opening Day for Baseball. Today most everyones status on Facebook is about baseball. They are even posting their favorite team's schedule. I would say baseball is my second favorite sport because football just can't be beat. But as much as I love football, there's something special about a warm spring day and hearing the crack of the bat!

When it comes to sports I used to always rebel against whatever team my family pulled for, I don't know why but I did. Would anyone like to guess who their favorite baseball team is?
Living close to Atlanta we grew up listening and watching the Braves. My brother's jersey number was always 10 because his idol was Chipper Jones.
My brother, George playing 2nd base
George getting ready to bat
My first baseball game ever was at Turner Field. I was a lot younger and I don't even know who the braves played that day. It was a fun experience and I have been back several times since. Now for the team I root for.....

My family has kind of shunned me for liking the Yankees, but I believe they are one of baseball's most prestigious franchises. I have never been inside of Yankee stadium, but I did see it while visiting New York. I have been to several other parks though.

When I was 13 my family and I went out to California to go to the Bama vs. UCLA football game and while we were there we attended a Dodger baseball game. That was a lot of fun! Then when I was 15 we traveled up the east coast to go visit family in Maine. We drove so we could stop off and visit different places a long the way. We decided to stop off in Boston to visit the Red Sock's Fenway Park. They were not playing a game that day, but we did get a tour, walk on the field and get up close and personal with the famous wall, "The Green Monster."

In January 2010 while my family and I went back out to California to watch Bama play in the National Championship:) we went and visited San Diego one day. We got to see the San Diego Padre stadium. Baseball was not in season, but we did walk around the stadium and take pictures. 

This past summer while I was in Washington D.C. on a business trip some of my employee friends and I went over to see the Washington Nationals stadium. They were playing the Braves at home and we were hoping we would be able to make it to the game after our last meeting. Once we finally got there it was already in the 9th inning and security wouldn't even let us stand right inside the gate :( It was still a fun experience, I am glad we still went to the stadium even if we didn't get to watch the game!
I am very lucky to have been to all of these places and to have seen these stadiums! I have heard my parents and grandparents talking about making a trip to Chicago to watch a Cubs and Braves game! If that happens I will definitely let you know! Good luck to all the teams this season, especially the Yankees and Braves =)

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Kristin B said...

YAAAY! A Fellow baseball lover! I love the Yankees & I used to watch the Braves play when I could scoot down to Atlanta during my years at Clemson.