Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday.. Things You Collect

Happy Tuesday!

First of all, thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments, they make my day! Today is Tuesday which is means its Top 2 day so make sure you link up with Taylor to play along!

Things You Collect:
I remember when I was younger I always collected pennants from every place we traveled. I eventually got out of that. Last night I was trying to think of what I currently collect and began looking around the room and found:

1) Jessica Simpson wallets
I have been loving her wallets and purses for a year now and I think I have half of her collection. haha They are very spacious and are just too cute! Here is the one I am using now. 

2) Nail Polish
My best friend, Emily has become obsessed with nail polish and I think she has rubbed off on me. I now have a while bag full of it! 

This is what I currently have on my toenails right now.  I think it looks Easter-ish!
This is the one I have on my wishlist! I saw it on someone's blog the other day and fell in love. It is called "For Audrey" and it is supposed to look like Tiffany Blue. 

I think we ladies can never have too many wallets, purses and nail polish! What are you favorite things to collect?

I have two fabulous giveaways to mention. Make sure you go by Miss Southern Prep and enter to win something from The Monogrammed Monkey! Also, check out In This Wonderful Life and enter to win an item from Kate n' Kyle- Sweetly Simplistic!


David and Elizabeth said...

cute color!

Ashley said...

I love the blue color! I just could never wear it. I never think my hands or feet look good in colors other than my go to basics. My hands I stick to frech and pale pinks but toes I tend pick french, pale pinks, reds, purples, ect.

LC said...

Following! and I love that wallet!! tres chic! :)

The Monogrammed Monkey said...

What a small world! I'm hosting the giveaway by Miss Southern Prep and I saw your comment. I was happily surprised to see that you're located in Baldwin County, since The Monogrammed Monkey is in Gulf Shores! You have a very cute blog, and good luck on winning the giveaway! :)

Brittany said...

Love anything China Glaze!

Trisha said...

Very fun things to collect! I love the name and color of that polish. When I got married all my bridesmaids wore a similar color on their toes called "Breakfast with Tiffany"...Tiffany blue is my favorite color!


Rebecca said...

I love the Jessica Simpson line! I've never gotten any of her wallets or bags, but I adore her shoes!

Tote said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! You have a very cute blog!

Enjoy your holiday!

Miss Southern Prep said...

My roommate has a Jessica Simpson wallet, and it's very classic and simple--I love it!

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out, and thanks for entering the giveaway--good luck!