Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two years ago today...

Two years ago today everything started out as a great day! I was being inducted into an honor society at UA and my mom had come down to go to the program with me. The induction went great and afterwards we ate lunch and did a little shopping. She left early that afternoon and I had plans to go with my roommate to the Bama/Troy baseball game that night.


Jump back 6 months. One of my grandmothers had been diagnosed with leukemia. The doctor said if she didn't do any treatment the outlook was grim. It seemed like immediately after the diagnosis her health went down. For her first round of chemo she had to stay hospitalized and we would go to Georgia to see her often.
Me and my brother before going back to see Nana. November 2008

She seemed a little better after the first round. The leukemia hadn't shrunk, but it hadn't spread either. So they decided to wait until after Christmas to start the second round. For the second round of chemo she was allowed to stay at home and just travel back and forth for treatments. This time it seemed as if the affects got worse. Her tongue broke out and was so swollen she didn't want to eat or drink very much. and she seemed to be in a lot of pain. Around the end of March we went to her house and stayed with her all day. My parents had just gotten a new navigator so I took picture and brought them in for her to see the new car. At this time they were debating whether to go for a third round of chemo.


Back to April 7, 2008. 
My mom was on her way back home because my brother had a baseball game that afternoon. Shortly after she left she called and said that my dad had just called her and that Nana was put in the hospital. They thought she had gotten an infection since her immune system was so low. My granddad had asked them to come over right away because things were not looking good. She told me since I had a test the next morning to wait and they would let me know if I needed to go over there once they got to the hospital. My mom rushed home and met my dad who had left work early and they headed towards Georgia. They had only been gone an hour before she called and said that Nana had passed away. I couldn't believe how fast this all had happened. What started out to be a great day turned in to one of the worst days ever. Nana's wish was to be cremated, so we didn't have an actual funeral, but instead a memorial service. I will post more on that later. 

I wanted to share some pictures of Nana. She was such a lively, loving person. Her laugh was contagious and she always brought fun to wherever she was. I miss her so much! 
Nana and Pop at their 50th anniversary party
Nana with a few of the gran-girls

Nana with her wedding dress

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