Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday!
This weekend, like most was a lot of fun! It was really hot here, but overall very nice weather.

Friday night
My family and I went to our favorite local Chinese restaurant and it was really good! There is just something about those angel crab wontons with the cream cheese! They may be my favorite thing about that place!

courtesy of
Also on Friday, I received a little gift! My best friend's mom bought me the Sephora by OPI gold glitter nail polish because she knew I loved it so much! I thought it was really sweet of her to do that! Just know it will take several coats to make sure your nails look fully covered with glitter. I highly recommend this polish!
These pictures are a little blurry, but at least you have a little idea of what it looks like!
My boyfriend doesn't have to work Saturdays anymore because he changed jobs, yay! So to celebrate we went to breakfast pretty early then we went to watch his cousin play t-ball. That night we went with my parents, brother and Alix to J. Alexanders. It is a great restaurant located in Hoover, Alabama, it is right beside the Galleria Mall. I think they have the best steaks! My boyfriend always gets "Rattlesnake Pasta" it some pepper, spices and chicken in it. If you love pasta I would definitely recommend that!

After we ate we went to the Galleria and did some shopping. Inside the Galleria there is a wonderful cinnamon roll place called Cindy's. Everytime we  go to the galleria we always have to get one and take several home. They have loads on icing covering them and they are delicious!
Half of my cinnamon roll
After church, I traveled back to Gulf Shores. 

Here is one last picture of me and my love :)

I hope everyone's week starts off right! Be sure to check out True Life: We're Married for a cute giveaway! You can go to her blog by clicking here! See you tomorrow!


CJA said...

HI :) Thanks for the follow! Im your newest now !!

Rebecca said...

LOVE the nail polish! And your cinnamon roll picture made me hungry :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Those wontons look delicious!

P.S. Thanks for following my blog! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Emily Patterson said...

Mom may have paid for it but I picked it out!! :) Love you!

daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet words:)

I so love the Galleria....PF Changs....Swoozies...OH MY!!!

P! said...

Super cute pics and polish! Haha- glad you had a great weekend! :)

Lauren said...

I love that nail polish! I layered it over all types of colors and they all look awesome! My favorite one to use it with is like a deep purple from OPI called Lincoln Park After Dark! Cute blog! :)