Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen Visits Tuscaloosa

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I am happy to report that according to the Tuscaloosa News the missing number in Tuscaloosa has dropped to 270! I can only hope and pray that it will continue to drop.

Yesterday, Tuscaloosa was visited by Charlie Sheen. When I first heard he was coming I didn't know what to think because he has seemed to bring negative press for the past few months, but he was so kind and generous to the people hurting in Tuscaloosa. Wearing an University of Alabama cap, he met with the mayor and walked around the damaged areas to talk with people and sign autographs. He posted a photo on twitter of the a damaged house and said, "I'm in Tuscaloosa. It's beyond words. Info coming soon on how you all can help."


According to Al.com, At each stop, he was swarmed by dozens of people asking for autographs and photographs. Sheen also stopped by an area Kmart to buy flashlights for some of the thousands still without power. He paid the $324.07 tab with his own Visa card, and then brought them to a relief center amid loud cheers and applause.

Tuscaloosa mayor, Walt Maddox said: "Regardless of what you think, I doubt there's a celebrity at this time that's gamering more attention than he is. The fact that he came to Tuscaloosa, he took the time to want to see the tragedy and the members of our media were here and talked about Tuscaloosa, that's a good thing for our city. I thank him for taking the time to come, and I hope he's sincere when he says he's going to come back and bring additional resources, because we need it." 
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The reports I am reading on Twitter says that Sheen gave $1 million dollars to the Tuscaloosa Tornado Relief. I hope by the media capturing his visit that it will inspire more people to help!

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Hines-Sight said...

I'm so sorry that your state is going through this. It's so devastating. It will take time to rebuild.