Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Reading

Happy Thursday! Thank you so much for all the sweet comments I have been getting! You all are the best :) I have 90 followers, maybe it will soon be 100!

I wanted to share what books I am reading this summer. I bought this book a few weeks ago and I am almost finished with it. It has been really sad, but I am glad I bought it.

It really is a great book! Matt has a blog, you can find it here

I also just ordered this book from Amazon because I heard it gives great advice on relationships. I have also heard not to judge the book by the title. 
Here is the summary: 
Contending that some women are "too nice," comedian and radio show host Sherry Argov has written Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman's Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship. "I'm not recommending that a woman have an abrasive disposition," Argov writes, "The woman I'm describing is kind yet strong. She doesn't give up her life, and she won't chase a man." Her sassy book is filled with scenarios and advice aimed at making women subtly stronger and self-empowered. Argov's principles, which range from the farfetched to the downright absurd, include "If you give him a feeling of power, he'll want to protect you and he'll want to give you the world" and "A little distance combined with the appearance of self-control makes him nervous that he may be losing you." The book, which has already been featured on The View and The O'Reilly Factor, should make waves with its controversial view of relationships. 

From what I have read from the snip its on Amazon I need to change a lot in how I handle my relationships! Hopefully the book will be in this week and when I am finished I will let you know all about it! 

What are you reading this summer? Has anyone read either on the books I posted about? If so, let me know what you thought about them. Also, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! :)


Southern Belle said...

Definitely want to read that Argov book for advice. I just read Water for Elephants and absolutely loved it! You should add it to your list.

P! said...

I read a fabulous book by my pastor called "When Life's Not Working"- it was so inspiring and well-written!! Glad you're a reader like me! :)

Michelle Priester said...

Well, now you have 92 followers ;)
And that "Why men love..." book looks awesome, let us know how it is!!

Kristin B said...

Why Men Love Bitches is LIFE CHANGING!! I love love love this book. It's my go-to gift for girlfriends that tend to be door mats.