Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Laugh for the day
I saw this commercial last night and seriously thought it was a joke, but no! Please watch it all the way through, I can't believe some of these commercials. Haha


SKB said...

OMG that is ridiculous! I mean come on who would wear one of those OUTSIDE if at all??? To funny.

Rebecca said...

LOL how silly! I caved in a got a snuggie but this is where I draw the line :)

P! said...

Oh. My. Gah. So now we pride ourselves on being lazy and unfashionable?! Unforgivable. I love the "party it up with friends" suggestion, where full-grown teenage boys and tailgating college kids are hanging out in these atrocities. And doody flaps?! Really?! I simply cannot believe it. Wow. I laughed my head off at this and am still laughing now as I type this- hahahaha!! Thank you for the incredible laugh!