Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Projects on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday! Today on Pinteresting Wednesday I want to show you some of my favorite DIY projects. I am amazed by the talent some of these people have! Sometimes I see things and think wow.. I would have never thought of that. I would love for you to come check out my Pinterest and follow me! Beware if you do not have a Pinterest because you will probably become addicted! You can find all of these pictures under the DIY section on my Pinterest. Follow me here

How cute is this! I love the yellow frame

I love this print. I think it could be used in a kids room too
Well y'all know I am obsessed with elephants.. i love this
Anthropologie shower curtain
My new obsession is burlap! I need to some some soon
I don't think this would be too hard to make
What a cute anniversary present
I need this!
I thought this was a cute way to use an old frame
I love lace... very simple tutorial 
My mom has some of these, I think this is a good idea
Let me know what you think of these pins. Which one is your favorite?

Also, Savannah over at What Makes Savannah Smile is hosting a fabulous giveaway to help her friend Celia whose grandmother has been diagnosed with  lung cancer. Celia sells scentsy to help pay for her grandmother's large hospital bills. Make sure to go by Savannah's blog to enter the giveaway and also go by Celia's scentsy page to help out this cause. :)


Courtney said...

I love that Anthropologie shower curtain!!

Married...with a Pup said...

I seriously love all of these!

Shari said...

I love those first two pins!

Rebecca said...

These are all great! I'm loving all the DIY projects I'm pinning on Pinterst :) Now if I could only find the time!