Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms.. shopping, Christmas lists, blog sale and J. Simpson purse

Happy Thursday! I thought I would do a mid-week randoms post, but also participate in Thankful Thursday because I am thankful for most of the things listed. So make sure to check out Rebecca's blog here to participate!

[1}I told you that I did a lot of shopping this past weekend and I got a new Jessica Simpson purse.. here is the picture of it.
I am in love with it. I usually carry really BIG purses because I carry so much stuff so this was a good change. Now I can only carry the things I need most. 

{2}I also got some really cute clothes, here is a picture of the cute top I got: 
I love the color! When I saw the color all I could think of was this blazer... If you know where I can buy one please let me know!

{3}One more pictures of what I got while I was shopping..
Excuse my feet in the picture, but aren't these shoes cute? Guess what.. I got them for $4 dollars, that makes it even better!

{5}I have been trying to organize my room for months since I moved back home. I didn't realize a girl could own so much, but after having a beach condo and an college apartment at the same time the stuff can add up quickly. That is not even mentioning I had a full room full of stuff at home already. I am such a pack rat though and can't stand the thought of letting any of it go because... what if I need it later haha. I started working on some of my jewelry. Here is a cute way I found to store it... 
So far I have only worked on my earrings. Now I need a good way to showcase my necklaces and bracelets. 

{6}I read that some people advertise their things they want to sale on their blog. Have you seen anyone do this? how exactly does it work? 

{7} I can't believe it is almost October. The holidays are just around the corner :) Have you started making a Christmas list? Usually I think of things all throughout the year, but when it gets time to give my list to my parents and grandparents I can't think of anything! So this year, I think I am going to start writing everything down now. I saw this cute picture frame earlier in the week so I might have to add it to the list! I have so many pictures I could put in there!

{7} Did you know Aquafina made lip balm? I bought some at Walmart the other night and I love it! It goes on so soft and doesn't leave a greasy feeling. You should try it out!
This post has been all over the place, but I wanted to share some pictures with you! Tomorrow I am going to tell you about the homemade Butterfingers I made! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found my blog! Yours is so cute and I'm glad we can be blog friends now! Be sure to enter my giveaway :)

I love that pink top -- so cute! If you find that pink blazer anywhere let me know! And great job organizing your earrings -- that is such a neat way to showcase all of them!

I look forward to reading your blog more!


Rebecca said...

I love that purse!! I'm personally a big fan of all of Jessica Simpson's stuff. She has such cute designs!
I love all the hot pink! I did some research and found this blazer that was used in a lot of photos I found on Pinterest.

Hope that helps!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Say what? Aquafina makes lip gloss? That's cool!

Loving your buys - especially that bag :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Cami said...

Those shoes (and your toes) are super cute!

That lip balm sounds yummy...wonder when they started doing that..after all those bottled water documentaries come out & they lost money? Ha!

Happy Friday :)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life