Friday, September 30, 2011

The Perfect "Football Watching" Snack

It is finally Friday!! Since this is football season, I thought I would post one of my favorite recipes to make. It is an appetizer that is perfect to snack on while watching your favorite team play.

I am not sure what the official name is, I have heard some people refer to it as "heart attack in a crock pot." I just simply call it, weenies wrapped in bacon. ha

I got this recipe from my friend, Emily. I didn't know until today that there was a different way to make the weenies wrapped in bacon. Guess where I found the new recipe.. pinterest!
First I will post my recipe then I will post the new recipe. Don't they look delicious?!

My version of "weenies wrapped in bacon"
2 packages of hotdogs
1 package bacon
1 box of brown sugar
crock pot

1. Cut each hotdog in half and lay them aside and then cut each piece of bacon in half. 2. Take the half piece of bacon and wrap it around one of the hotdog halves. 3. Secure it with the toothpick. 4. Then place it in your crock pot. Continue to do this until you have the whole bottom of the crock pot covered. Take the brown sugar and sprinkle large amounts on the weenies, then repeat steps 1-4 and place these weenies on top of the ones your previously sprinkled with brown sugar. Once you have completed these steps, put the lid on the crockpot and turn it to high for several hours. I have found that it takes around 5 hours to make them really good. Make sure to check them and if you think they look like they are burning then turn the tempature to low.

Here is the new recipe from Tasty Kitchen:
They use little smokies instead of hotdogs and use the oven instead of crock pot.
I pound lil smokies
12 ounces of bacon
For the glaze:
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tablespoon dijon mustard
1 pinch of cayenne (optional)

1. Empty the smokies onto some paper towels and blot them dry. Dry smokies will allow the bacon to adhere better. Place the dried smokies in a single layer (keeping them separated) onto a small cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for 45 minutes.
While the smokies are in the freezer, cut the bacon into thirds. Separate each piece of bacon and place on a large cookie sheet in a single layer. Put the bacon in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. The well-chilled smokies and bacon will help to keep everything from getting too slippery when you wrap the smokies later.
When it is nearly time to take the smokies out of the freezer, preheat the oven to 350F. Line a rimmed sheet pan with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Make the glaze by whisking together the brown sugar, maple syrup, mustard, and cayenne (if using). Whisk the mixture well to ensure that the larger pieces of brown sugar have broken up.
Wrap a piece of bacon around each smokie, pressing firmly on the final edge of the bacon to better ensure it does not spring open during baking. Try not to stretch the bacon when wrapping the sausages. Place the bacon-wrapped smokies onto the foil-lined sheet pan, seam side down. Continue with the rest of the bacon and smokies. Using a spoon, put a little bit of the thick glaze on top of each bacon-wrapped smokie, trying to coat each one evenly. You should have just enough glaze to do the entire batch.
Bake the smokies for about 35 minutes or until they are lightly brown on top. Immediately transfer the smokies to a serving plate or a slow cooker set on low to keep warm. Recipe courtesy of Cooking Ventures.

I am excited to try this new recipe to see which one I like better. I am sure you will be satisified with either one! Beware, they are sooo addicting! Make sure to let me know if you make them because I want to know your thoughts on them.

Alabama plays the Florida Gators this week! I am hoping they bring home another win! What are your plans for this weeekend? Who is your team playing?

Have a good weekend and roll tide! :)


Kristy said...

"heart attack in a crock pot", I love it! Yep, probably so, but I'm sure it's pretty tasty too!! :)

Coastalpines said...

OMG....this is sinful! PERFECT for a weekend of football. If I present this too my husband, he won't even know I snuck out to shop ;-)

Visiting from FF&P's...

P! said...

Oh my gosh, yum! Making these! I'm going to a game this weekend, but I just know my team will win, so an after-party is in store with these bad boys! Thanks for the idea! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

P.S. I totally saw the Forever Lazy infomercial the other night- made me think of you haha! It's a rapidly-spreading epidemic...

Coco Draws said...

I love your beautiful blog design. :)

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Looks great RTR!!! :)

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Looks great RTR!!! :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Soooo I am just starting to eat meat again and my mom makes these. They sound so good right about now :)

Melissa Blake said...

Those look delicious! xoxo

Savannah said...

These look delish! I'm sure the men in my life will enjoy these thoroughly at our next tailgate! Thanks for sharing - happy weekend!

Fash Boulevard said...

Hey Brit! I like i prefer your name for this dish. lol. at least you don't have to feel as bad eating it. lol. great post, love. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I've got a brand new post on my recent stop to Rachel Zoe's favorite Beverly Hills spot. xoxo

Married...with a Pup said...

Hope you had a great weekend with your Roll Tide smashing those Gators! I wish I would have seen this would have been perfect for our party this weekend! Let us know if you try the new recipe and which one's the best!

Nikki said...

these look amazingly delish! we have a friend who makes something similar to these and they go with in 2 minutes of being place on the table!

Christina Marie said...

These are like a total weakness of mine! Definetly wanna try it out with that maple syrup though... sounds SOOO good!