Monday, October 10, 2011

Misc. Monday.. Ole Miss, Picnics, Craft Shows

Today I am linking up with lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday!
What a great weekend, I stayed super busy doing fun things!

{1} Friday my mom and I went to the Southern Women's show in Birmingham. I love going to this because you get to shop, go to fashion shows, watch people cook, etc. We always have  a lot of fun!

{2} Saturday I went with my boyfriend to his company picnic. It was the for the southeast region so it was in Mississippi. I always love a road trip! I forgot to take pictures at the picnic, but we did stop by Ole Miss and walked around. I had never been there, but the campus was beautiful! We also saw a gas station called The Brittany Store (it was even spelled right), so we stopped and I had my picture made.
{3} Sunday after church, Wes, his sister and brother in law and I went to a craft show at Homestead Hollow. It is always fun just to walk around and see everything there. They have some exhibits to show what it was like to live in the older days. We walked through a house that was like what they lived in on Little House on the Prairie. After we left Homestead we went to the movies to see Real Steel and at first I was not looking forward to it, but it really was a great movie. 
{4} I also got to spend some time with this little man this weekend, my cousin Jake
{5} It was Emily's birthday Saturday, but Marsha and I went and celebrated it Thursday night at one of her favorite places to eat sushi. I will post more pics of that later. 
{6} Alabama won again, Roll Tide! This upcoming Saturday they will be in Oxford to play Ole Miss, I am still excited I got to see Ole Miss this past weekend!

What did you do this weekend? 


Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

Sounds like ya'll had a fun weekend. Loved the pictures!

Ruth said...

Sounds like a blast. But there is no way not to have fun in Oxford