Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Day I Almost Burnt the House Down

Yesterday was a good day and then I almost burnt the house down
It was a really stupid mistake, one that I should have known better
My mom made candy apples yesterday morning 
When I got home there was some candy left in the pot
Well you all know that candy hardens so I was going to melt it to eat
I turned on the stove top to high thinking I would go back in a few mins
Then I decided to wash my hair since I wasn't going to be home till late
When I was in the shower I kept smelling something like burnt popcorn
Earlier that day when I was subbing all of my classes made popcorn
Some popcorn burnt so I thought it was my hair smelling like it
After I took my sweet time towel drying my hair, I opened the door and..
Smoke was all the way down the hallway of our bedrooms
I panicked and ran into the kitchen, the smoke was so thick in the kitchen and living room I could barely see
I noticed there wasn't a fire, but I quickly turned off the stove
My pot looked like this and was smoking awful
I had to rush to open all the windows, doors and attic fan
Of course, my parents were not to happy about this
My mom thinks it was fixing to catch on fire
I am so glad I went out when I did, I know this is a stupid mistake
I have heard all my life, "do not put anything on the stove and then leave"
I didn't know it would do something like this, well you live and learn
Have any of you done anything like this before?
When you should have known better?!

Moving on the another hot topic, haha
I went to see Breaking Dawn this weekend, I thought it was great
I can not wait for the next one!
Here Wes and I are eating at Red Lobster before the movie
I am sure you all loved it too, I haven't heard anything bad about it

Guess who has already came home for Thanksgiving:
my brother and... Polo! I am so excited :)
I can't believe Thanksgiving is in 2 days!
Then its shopping time!!
Have a great Tuesday :)


Dayna Leigh said...

Bahaha! Loved this post! Glad to see you still have a home :)

Savannah said...

I laughed out loud at this post! To be honest, I might have left it on the stove too. :) Hope you have a much safer Tuesday!

Kindra said...

aww sweet puppy!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

.thank goodness the house was not burnt down!!


How cute is that puppy! I saw Breaking Dawn too! What a cliff hanger! Great blog! following you now.

XO - Jami
Imagine Design Blog

Lydia said...

If it makes you feel better, a few months ago I left a pan with oil in it on the stove and walked away... Yeah please don't judge me. There was a fire. Fortunately I just had to clean off smoke stains from the microwave :)

Also, I LOVE Polo. He's just absolutely adorable!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Thank goodness you caught the pot when you did! I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn--I've heard that it's great!

Heather said...

Glad you didn't burn your house down! That sure was close! Love Polo, he is so cute!

Melissa Jo said...

Oh my girl! That is crazy about your stove, I am definitely guilty of putting something on the stove or in the oven and walking away... I'm glad nothing actually caught on fire!

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness that little pup is too adorable!

eapatterson1 said...

I bet Char wanted to kill you!!!