Friday, November 11, 2011

Where I am on 11/11/11

I am loving the date today, 11/11/11. 
On, this lovely 11/11/11 I am here:
Panama City, Florida
to see:
my  cousin Ansley play in the band

I am so excited to get to see her and the rest of the family
I will have pictures of my weekend at the beach on Monday!

I also want to say I am so thankful for our Veterans and our active military! 
Without them America wouldn't be the same. 
Happy Veterans Day! 
Have a great weekend :)


Savannah said...

How fun! Enjoy 11/11/11 to the fullest!

P! said...

God bless the vets! Have a wonderful time this weekend and enjoy the beach! *JEALOUS!* :)