Thursday, January 19, 2012


Happy Thursday! I thought I would play along with the "It's OK" blog link up. You just list the things that people or yourself might think is bad, but you are going to say it is or it was ok! I definitely have enough of the "It's ok" situations in my life every week, ha! To play along you link up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup. Have a great day! :)

IT'S OK... due to being out work on Monday the rest of my week as been
kinda dull and I just don't feel like doing anything!

IT'S OK... that I love watching The Bachelor even though the girls get on
my nerves. I am soo excited, I read everyday that Emily Maynard is the next bachelorette!
IT'S OK...I got Zaxbys last night even though I had left overs at home

IT'S OK... that I bought some cute Valentine's Day decor
even though I said I wasn't going to spend anymore money this week

IT'S OK... that I am probably going to see my dog in Tuscaloosa this weekend
IT'S OK... that I started the 11 facts about me post and I got too tired
to finish so maybe tomorrow :)

IT'S OK... my mom and I were watching The Help last night and I fell asleep

IT'S OK... that I am behind on grading papers

IT'S OK... that I really want to buy this cup!
I loved playing!
      Do any of you suffer from the same "It's OK" moments as me?
Link up! :)

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Alyssa said...

I love Zaxby's and that is totally okay that you chose that over leftovers haha!