Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Rambles

Happy Monday! Did you do anything exciting this weekend? 
I actually did not go shopping this weekend
I wanted to, but it was nice to have a relaxing weekend just to lay around

Saturday I did a little cleaning and...
Wes and I may or may not have watched too much
We also had some good mexican food
This wasn't my actual dish, but it looks very similar :)

Sunday, I went to church then I went with Wes to buy groceries 
We have been cooking together several times a week and
Pinterest  has been a great place to get new recipes for us to try!

I also worked on my lesson plans and caught up on some of my shows
Do any of you watch One Tree Hill?
I started watching while I was in high school and have watched ever since
I will admit I liked the older seasons better, but I still watch.

Do y'all have any suggestions of shows to watch after we finish HIMYM?
Also, my grandmother had to have some stints put in this week so if you could keep her in your prayers I would appreciate it! :)


Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I used to love One Tree Hill, in fact I went to UNC-Wilmington my freshman year of college and they shoot most of the show in downtown Wilmington so I got to be an extra a few times. Sending happy thoughts and prayers your way for your grandmother!

Anonymous said...

I've never been a huge fan of HIMYM, but the comedy we love is Big Bang Theory. It's in syndication now so you can see the reruns everywhere. We love it!Thinking of your Grandmother!

Alex Butts said...

Too much HIMYM? Story of my life.

Melissa Blake said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I say that you can never watch too much HIMYM!! One of my favorite shows!

Holly said...

I'm finally caught up on HIMYM but not on the current season, I need to catch up!

I used to watch OTH until Season 7 started, then I stopped because it wasn't interesting to me anymore. Oh well!

I'm in need of a new show to watch after HIMYM too! I watch Modern Family, and have all of The Office seasons, but I need something new. Blah!

Prayers for your grandma!

Miss Southern Prep said...

That sounds like such a fun weekend! I've never watched OTH, but I would suggest the new CW show Hart of Dixie if you haven't been watching that--I think it's so cute!

I'll also say a prayer for your Grandma! I'm sure everything will be fine!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I went skiing this weekend which was fun - but now I am home sick. :( boo!

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

I watched lots of HIMYM too. I'm fially on season 6 now. Almost caught up. Happy Monday

Heather said...

My friend loves OTH, so I bought the first season for her on DVD. I started watching it with her, and I love it! She loves it so much, she cried when she found out this season was the end of the show! She's crazy :) haha!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

How I Met Your Mother, is one of my favorite shows. Love it.


Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and I am so crazing Mexican food now!
Will have your grandmother in our prayers and hope she gets better. Keep me posted.

Katie said...

Have you ever watched Felicity? I am currently in the third season and am addicted to it. yes I am years behind but it is good. : ) and all on netflix! I'm going to need a new show when it's over!

Emily said...

How I met your mother is such a funny show! I seriously want to marry Ted. But I'm pretty sure men like him don't really exist.

Rebecca said...

I love The Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy!!