Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Need to Try This!

So I have a confession. I signed up for Birchbox again, even though I was disappointed in the boxes I was receiving. I kept seeing everyone's boxes and I kinda regretted canceling. And let me tell you I was very satisfied with my January box. I love getting the full size products so I was very happy to see a Stila eye liner pencil in peacock color. At first I was thinking there is no way I would ever use the blueish eye liner, but I tried it and it actually looks really good! I got Clark's Botanical Smoothing Marine Cream, it's value for the full size is $115. It goes on smoothly and I have started using it a lot. Another product I got was a Miracle Skin Transformer Treat and Conceal Eye & Face. It conceals and heals wrinkles and spots on the face. Last but not least, my favorite product is the FIX Malibu Immaculate Complexion Advanced Antioxidant Serum. The full size values $125! It is very much worth the money. The serum goes on so smooth and leaves your skin feeling extra soft for several hours. Love it! I would definitely recommend it. Have you tried any of these?
I can't wait to see what comes in my next box! 
Moving on to a serious matter, Alabama had several tornadoes touch down last night.
A lot of damage to Birmingham and Chilton County. 
Alabama has had a lot of serious severe weather in the past year
I thought it was interesting tonight, one of the news anchors asked the weather man, if we hadn't have experienced April 27th (long track F5 tornadoes) this storm damage last night would have seemed a lot worse? He said yes. I seems as if people were more prepared now than they were in April. 
Even with that being said there were still 2 deaths :(
I couldn't find the aerial views they showed today 
where sub divisions were completely leveled. 
Pray for the people in Alabama please!

Have a great day! :)


Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm definitely praying for the people of Alabama--such a tragedy! I can't even imagine the devastation and destruction these people are experiencing.

I haven't tried Birch Box yet, but I've heard wonderful things about them!

Married...with a Pup said...

I haven't made the plunge into birch box yet, but your january finds did sound amazing!! Maybe I'll try it soon because I LOVE makeup!

Holly said...

It's so devastating to hear about the tornadoes down there :( I was so upset about the April tornadoes last year...so sad!!

I'm glad you stopped by my blog, yours is great as well!!

Hannah said...

I tagged you in my post! You should come look! I hope you play along!


Paige said...

I cancelled mine too and wouldn't you know the next month the box is rocking'!! Praying for our great state! So sad to see the devastation.

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you decided to re-start your Birchbox subscription. I got a few "bad" boxes last year, but overall, most of my boxes are great!