Friday, February 24, 2012

A Good Day for Celeb News

I am so glad the end of the work week is here!
What better way to end the week- Celeb News
I have been a little behind on posting my weekly celeb news
but hopefully I can catch you up on some juicy stories!

(1) Kourtney Kardashian is having a baby GIRL!
Kourtney took to Twitter to announce the sex of her baby
She said she couldn't wait to go buy for her
(Isn't Mason just the cutest?)

(2) In other K-Dash news...
Lamar Odom didn't play in last night's game against his old team-LA Lakers
because he had a family matter to attend to.
On a random site I read that Khloe was in the hospital.
I don't know how true that is, but she tweeted.. weird day. 
I guess time will tell

(3) The Oscars are this weekend!
A lot of great fashion on the red carpet last year,
I wonder who will win best dressed this year?

(4) This is my first mention of Whitney Houston on my blog
I am sad for her daughter and family
I hate that these celebs are just "risking" their life on drugs and other measures
It is just terrible that she was so young
 She definitely had a great voice.

(5) What did you think about The Bachelor Monday night?
Courtney gets another rose :(
Her "wedding" to Ben has created a lot of buzz
They are saying she took the words from her vows from Sex and The City
Here is the proof, just the first part of her speech:
I have a bad feeling for how this season is going to end, 
but I am still hoping for a change. 
I really did like Kaci B. and hated to see her go
rumors say she visits Ben next week.

(6) Jessica Simpson looks like she is about to pop
Her due date this spring

(7) This story is an embarrassment to my sweet home Alabama
I have seen that this story has made it to National News
It is a terrible story and it will make you angry
A 9 year Alabama girl was pronounced dead after her grandmother and stepmom made her run around the house for 3 hours because she ate a candy bar on the bus on the way home from school. The girl supposedly had bladder problems and they were mad she ate chocolate and decided to punish her by running. She obviously became dedydrated. She began seizing and eventually passed away. Her dad was away on business. The mother and grandmother are being charged with murder. This is such sad news. 

All celeb info came from E! News
What did you think of these stories?
I hope you have a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Very excited for the Oscars. Will be flipping back and forth between that and the NBA all star game.

On another note, are the Kardashians really celeb worth news? They are trash and most of us are waiting for them to go away.

Ashley said...

Jessica Simpson is due after me! First week of May and she's so big already! I guess I better be counting my blessings that I'm having a boy and am staying fairly small so far! :)

mandell said...

first of all...oh my lanta Jess needs to have that baby asap! she's massive! Secondly, can't wait to see those Kardasians with a baby girl! Why do I love them so much?! And goodness, is Ben not the biggest dummy ever?? Clearly she's an awful person. Read Reality Steve for spoilers, I hardly watse my time watching the trainwreck that Bachelor has become (still my fav day of the week though!)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I can't wait to see all the Oscar dresses! And I was shocked with who he sent home on Monday - I thought she was going to make it to the final 2! (Lindzi is my fave though!)

Miss Southern Prep said...

I hadn't heard about that 9-year-old girl--that is so sad! I can't believe someone could make their child do that.

I heard that Lamar's dad, Joe, was really ill, and he was in the hospital. I'm not sure if that's true, though! I'm also so happy for Kourtney and Scott! I bet their little girl will be precious!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love your celeb news. I wonder what the Lamar/Khloe emergency was.

Umm I didnt hear about that little girl, how terrible. I'm pretty sure her mother and grandmother are crazy.

Happy Friday

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

That last story seriously breaks my heart. What's wrong with people?

SimplyHeather said...

The story about the girl from Alabama is so sad - it's so messed up. Thank God the mother and grandmother are getting what they deserve. There was a report saying the mom gave birth today in jail.

Heather said...

I read that incredibly sad story on MSN the other day. How can people be so cruel?! To family nonetheless!

Kelli Nicholson Herrington said...

I love the celeb news. I am excited that Kourt is having a girl and I am so curious to LamLams family issue. Have a wonderful week love