Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

For the most part the week has seemed to fly by fast this week!
We are exactly 6 weeks away from school ending
I am so ready for summer, I will have another test to take.. the Alabama basic skills test. I don't understand why teachers have to take a reading, writing and math test? If I just graduated from college, I think I can read! On a good note, I did pass my praxis test! I was very excited about that!!
I am going to link up with Neely and Amber for It's Ok Thursday!

It's Ok... 
{1} That my subscription to US Weekly obviously ran out this week :(
I was really wanting to read this issue
Does anyone know a reliable website to get cheaper magazine subscriptions? 

{2} That my mom and I may go see this movie this afternoon..
I have always loved this movie, but I really want to see it in 3D!
Have any of you seen it in 3D? 
If so, was it worth seeing again or not much different?

{3} I am obsessed with giveaways this week
Rachel Larson won my sneeqpeak giveaway!! 
Rachel, your $15 should have been entered into your account, if you have problems just let me know! 

Another amazing giveaway is with Megan at In This Wonderful Life
She is teaming up with One Kings Lane to offer a $100 credit!
Make sure to enter for your chance to win, enter here!

{4} That I started reading Catching Fire and I just never have time to finish it

{5} I have gotten behind on watching One Tree Hill 
I have been watching it on my dvr this week and I have two episodes left
I can't believe it is over, I have watched this show since high school :(

{6} I miss this little man already
At least he will be here all summer since my brother is coming home from UA to work!


Savannah said...

Bummer about your subscription and not finishing Catching Fire. That was my least favorite of the hunger game series, although it does get better. Happy Thursday!!

the lovebirds said...

Catching Fire wasn't my favorite of the three... But keep reading! xo

smk053078 said...

My US Weekly subscription ran out too...I am lost without it. I am gotten cheaper subscriptions through may want to check it out.

Married...with a Pup said...

Congrats on passing your test! I've used many times. They have great sales on magazines. You just have to be lucky enough to catch when the one you want is one sale!

Cassandra Henri said...

Oh my goodness... I just finished reading Catching Fire for the second time. So. Good. I'm going to see Titanic in 3d tomorrow, brings me back to old school days just thinking about it. Great blog :)

Jessica said...

I just got my scores back from the praxis 1, girl I feel you on taking those tests..exhausting! Have a fabulous weekend :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

I am so sad that One Tree Hill is over too! I definitely cried watching the last episode lol. xo

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Sad day about the magazine subscription! And also about missing your doggie. That is sad. :( Hopefully you will have a chance to finish Catching Fire... it really is so good!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Sad about your US Weekly subscription! Did you end up seeing Titanic in 3D?! I really wanted to, but I just never found the time!

Amy Powell said...

all of that is definitely OK :)
hope you had a great weekend!!

{I have a giveaway going on now & would love for you enter!}