Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tory Burch, Beach and Bachelorette!

Did you all have a good weekend? 
I had a nice va-cay to Panama City to visit my family:)
I thought I would do an update post of the events going on the past few days. 
Do any of y'all shop at Rue La La? 
I signed up a year ago, but hardly go to their online store. Today, I got an email that they were featuring Tory Burch at 11am. I got online at 12:30 and found this cute bag!
Can you believe that it was only $35!! 
It was already sold out! Half of everything item on their was already sold out. 
I will know next time to be on their as soon as the sale starts!
It says you can fill out a form and go ahead and put your credit card on the site and if they happen to get more of the certain item you are wanting they will bill you and ship the item. I was very tempted to do this, but didn't. :( I feel like it would have been a credible site to do that, but didn't comfortable put my debit card on there. Have any of you ever shopped at Rue La La? 
If so and if your item was sold out have you ever put your card on their hoping to get your item?
I just wanted to get reviews to see if it was worth it. I would probably forget about it and then have the money pulled out when I least expected it haha. And there was no guarantee that the item would come in, so that was another thing.. I didn't know what the chances were of me receiving the item was. Please let me know if you have ever dealt with Rue La La! :)

I am already missing this:
The waves were huge due to Tropical Storm Debby
Friday was nice out and it wasn't too hot. Saturday, it rained a little while we were on the beach. It didn't rain the whole time and during the breaks of rain the wind blew so it was very enjoyable! 

The first night we were there we drove into Destin and went to the outlets. I love shopping! 
I had never been to the Destin Outlets. I bought a few things for Wes at the Columbia and Under Armour outlet and I got a new purse at Coach! I will post a pic soon!

Saturday night we are at Uncle Ernie's on the bay
The sunset was so beautiful!
Me with my cousin Adam 

On the way home from the beach I finished,
Very intense!! 
I loved it and can't wait to start the second one!
I heard they are already talking about actors to play Christian in the movie! For those of you who have read the books, which one was your favorite?

I love Monday nights because of 
I don't usually watch The Bachelorette because it isn't as good as The Bachelor to me. I couldn't wait to watch this season because I just love Emily. What a sweet southern belle! I feel like I can narrow down the final three but can't decide who she will end up picking! Which guy is your favorite?

I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday! :)


Stephanie said...

Ooo, up until last night my pick was Arie all the way. But then Jef pretty much stole the show for me. I thinnnk I'm a Jef fan now!! I don't think Chris or Shaun will make it at all. Especiallyyyy Chris. He's CRAZY.

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