Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking Back

 Here is the picture I said I would post of our Saturday Sonic treats. A mocha java chiller, strawberry limeade, root beer float and last but not least.. my medium cup of nothing but HOT FUDGE!

This weekend was our local high school's prom. It is hard to believe that my senior prom was 5 years ago! Looking at friend's pictures took me back down memory lane. For some reason I only have one picture of prom on my computer. I will go ahead and post that one while I continue searching for the others.
Senior Prom 2006
My, my how much Wesley and I have changed! We had a great time and it will be always be one of my favorite high school memories.

Although my prom pictures are missing I did find these:

I graduated high school on May 25, 2006. Which happened to be my 18th BIRTHDAY! That's something that does not happen everyday! I will post more about my high school graduation later!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
love, Brittany

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