Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

Last week I was honored to receive the "One Lovely Blog" award from Life with Elizabeth! I am supposed to share 7 facts about myself and then pass on to 15 other lovely blogs!
1. I love to decorate and plan for parties. I love when someone in my family or friends have a birthday because I like to go all out! I would love to plan parties for a living!
Emily's Princess Party
Jake's Farm Party
Super Bowl Party: Saints vs. Colts
My birthday party with family
Bama gameday party
2. I want to open my own bakery. Since I have been decorating cakes and cupcakes I would love to open my own shop. I know this will not happen anytime soon, but it's ok to dream :)

3. For the next 3 weeks I will be employed as a transfer advisor at a community college, but since the job is based on a grant and it will end in the next few weeks, I will then be unemployed :( I have really enjoyed this job and hopefully I will be able to find one like it very soon!

4. I am obsessed with elephants! While attending school at the University of Alabama I would buy stuffed elephants and now I have a large collection. Here is the latest one from my Easter basket! He is sooo cute :)

5. I am excited that May is just around the corner! May is one of my most favorite months besides December because it always means school is getting out, summer is approaching and last but not least... My Birthday!!! Yesterday, actually was a month until my birthday and I forgot to post about it. I take birthdays very serious. haha If I could I would most definitely celebrate all month long! I did come up with celebrating "birthday eve" :)

6. I am a tv addict. Living away from friends and family this past year has been a little bit lonely so I consoled myself with tv shows. Each night I would have certain ones to watch to make the time go by faster. I just recently started watching The Vampire Diaries and love it! A few shows I could never get enough of are.. Friends, Sex & the City, The Hills, Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, One Tree Hill and several more. 

7. I am obsessed with bows! I don't necessarily wear them in my hair, but I really do like them. My friends have bought me rings, necklaces, shirts, etc adorned with bows. I posted my new sunglasses that have bows on the side here.  I recently found a pair I want to get from Sick For Cute: 
Now I get to pass this along to 15 other amazing blogs!

Ashley Lauren at Texas Prep
Rebecca at Southern Charm


David and Elizabeth said...

Love the Superbowl party set up! Too bad my Colts lost :(

Brittany said...

Thank you! I know I was upset too! :( Peyton Manning is the man! haha

p.e.v. said...

Thanks so much for the award! I can't wait to post about it! :)

CJA said...

thanks soooo much :)

Hines-Sight said...

You throw great parties!

Miss Lindsay said...

Thank you girly!! I was just about to comment then saw my name!!
I LOVE ELEPHANTS TOO! Are you sure you don't want to go into event planning? hehe

thelilstuffs said...

Hi, I am following you on GFC. Thanks for the follow. have a good day!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I LOVE Sex and the City!

P.S. I have a little something for you on my blog! Congrats, you won the Monogrammed Monkey giveaway! Email me to claim your license plate!

Ashley Borysewich said...

those parties are all so cute!

love your blog, following you now!