Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Facts!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday! Thank you all for the comments I am getting on my posts, I love reading each and every one of them! :)

Here are some random facts for the day:

1) I have been applying for jobs!
It seems that jobs are few and far between! There is one in particular that I would really like to have, so if you could say a little prayer for me I would appreciate it! :)

2. I have to make cupcakes for a bridal shower at my church this Sunday. I am wondering how I should decorate them. Here are a few options, which do you like best?

3. I found this picture on Pinterest last night and now I want to paint my nails! I would love for you to start following my on Pinterest, click here!

4. Make sure to go by Megan's blog today, In This Wonderful Life. Cohen would have turned 1 today.  I find Megan's strength so remarkable. Make sure to comment and wish Cohen a Happy Birthday because I know she would appreciate it!

5. I am going to volunteer in Tuscaloosa tomorrow. There is still a lot of tornado damage and I am going with some friends to help. I think we will be working in a school, trying to get things back to normal. 

I found this picture and I thought it was very fitting for my blog since it's called b.mary & blessed!
so true!!!


Caitlin C. said...

I love the picture of the third cupcakes (with the little sparkly things) - so cute! You should try and make these! Oh and I just bought some glitter polish from Walgreens (except mine is silver, not gold) and I am in loove with it. BTW, thanks for your comment, your blog is adorable! :)

Clarinda said...

Good luck with the job search and have fun volunteering tomorrow! I like the 3rd cupcake option the best. Adorable.

Megan said...

Goodluck with the job search I know how tough it can be. I think I live the cupcakes with the simple hearts in the icing.

P! said...

Love your unique posts- always great to hear about the going-ons in your life. Best of luck with the job search- I'll keep my fingers crossed!! Also, plan on doing my nails like that now, so thanks for that. As for the cupcakes, I like the first ones. :)

katie.michelle said...

I am in love with the last cupcakes, with the pretty pearls and the pink hearts. Yummy :)