Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebs News

This will be the second week of celeb news! This is one of my favorite posts of the week. I love watching E! News and I am subscribed to US Weekly so I really enjoy celebs gossip. Here is the recap for the week of November 13-17:

{1} Well the day is finally here! 
Breaking Dawn comes out tonight at midnight. Are any of you going to see it at tonight? 
I have to work tomorrow or I would be there.
 I have done really well and have not read ahead so that I would be surprised during the movie. 
I am really excited to see the wedding! What do you guys think about it?

{2} Well Justin Beiber's baby's momma has dropped the paternity test suit. That makes is look even more like she was lying (I never believed her in the first place) Beiber is still going to take the paternity test to prove it once and for all. His girlfriend, Selena Gomez went on Ellen (which will air today) Of course Ellen asked her about the situation and she said she never believed the rumors.

{3} Carried Underwood pregnant?
Reports say she is expecting. Her friends told E! that she has glow about her and she is avoiding alcohol.
I am sure her kids with be knock outs, it they favor her or her husband!
Who knows, the tabloids always try to make it look like every celeb pregnant when they are not!

{4} The Sexiest Man of the Year was awarded yesterday to....
Bradley Cooper!
His dad passed away last January so he is really close to his mom
He said his first thoughts after he heard of his award was that his mom would be so happy :)

{5}Kendal Jenner, (sister of Kim Kardashian) received a black Range Rover for her 16th birthday party!
Can you say jealous! 
She isn't spoiled is she? haha 

{6} Speaking of Kardahsians, Rob has made it to the final 3 on Dancing With The Stars.
I usually love watching this show, but I just haven't had time this season.
I heard he got 10s this past week. When I first heard he was on there I didn't think he would last long, but he has surprised me. Maybe Kim's divorce helped him gain votes since that was all people wanted to talk about for days. who knows? The finals are: Rob Kardashian, J.R Martinez, & Ricki Lake.

{7} Brad Pitt Retiring?!
Not just yet!
On Australia's 60 Minutes he said he would like to completely finished acting by 2014.
He would be 50 years old and would want to just produce films.
Well we have a few more years to watch Mr. Pitt on the big screen.

You can check E! for more information on each of these stories. All pictures came from E! as well!
Which one interested you the most?
Have a great day :)


Amberly Enich said...

I usually go to every Twilight movie midnight release with my friends (read my manic monday post for pics they're hilarious) but no one can go this yeat. I'm sad. Have you not read the books? I've been reading them since there was just one so I've probably read them all dozens of times! Lol

That girl is toast! JB is a smart kid. I'm glad he is still taking the test.

Bradley Cooper... Helllllllllloooooo. Dang.

Thanks for the news! :)

Savannah said...

I love your celebrity posts! I'm a huge Carrie Underwood fan and will be SO excited when she officially announces that she is preggo. (I'm also looking forward to Princess Kate announcing!)

Bradley Cooper seems like such a great guy - very deserving.

Glad the JB drama is settling. What a shame!

Thanks for the updates!

Ashley B. said...

Love your post... New follower and OBSESSED with celebrity stuff... may just have to come over here every week instead of People, US, Perez and TMZ!!