Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Shocking Celeb News

Can you believe it is November already? Today is 11-1-11. Christmas will be here before you know it! Did you have a great halloween? Mine was good, after seeing all your costumes it makes me want to dress up next year and maybe throw a party!

I have some celeb news for you. I am sure you have heard by now, but Kim K is no longer married! She was married 72 days before she filed for divorce yesterday. Most people say they were not surprised and I am not either, but I did think it would at least last a year. I just don't see how she didn't see their "irreconcilable differences" in the months leading up to the marriage. 
Don't hate on me, but I actually enjoy watching the Kardashians on E! I have always admired Kim's work ethic, but I am a little disappointed in her quick divorce. At the end of her statement she said, "I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned." I just don't think she tried hard enough or maybe it was all fake to begin with. Kris's statement goes along with what I think a marriage should be, "I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce, I am committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it work." Something seems fishy, but I am sure it will all come out sooner or later, since they do however have a reality show. I wonder if Kim & Kourt Take New York will still air in November? The preview showed it being a lot about Kim and Kris as newlyweds.
Do they not know the curse there is about filming your first few years together for tv? A great example and show I watched religiously:
Speaking of J.Simpson.. can you believe she is pregnant? When she got engaged last November she said they would most likely have a wedding in 2011 and it doesn't look like it is going to happen. Pictures of her baby bump have been all over the news, but she went public today and said she was going to be a "mummy" To go along with it all she dressed like this for Halloween:
I used to love her back in the day, but in my opinion she seemed "trashy" after she divorced Nick Lachey. With that being said I still love her purse line, haha. 

What do you think about the Kim K divorce and the J. Simpson pregnancy? I probably spoke to much as these two topics, but I really do keep up with these two celebs a lot.

Well moving on.. let me show you my puppy's first halloween picture:
Isn't he precious? :)


Dayna Leigh said...

I called it with the KimK marriage - I'm honestly surprised it lasted this long!

I saw your blog on Lindsey @ Keep It Classy, Alabama's blog! So glad I came across it, I'm always looking for bloggers who are close to home (and share the same love for football)! I'm now your newest follower :)

Roll Tide!

David and Elizabeth said...

i'm not surprised that they are getting divorced...i figured eventually they would, however, i'm surprised they didn't make it a little longer. it is so sad that celebs don't take marriage seriously. it is a real commitment.
on the up side...POLO is just darling!

Ashley said...

That puppy is just too cute! My goodness! :)

Kim - I agree with everyone, it was always going to happen but jumped the gun. It's shocking that she would actually go through with a marriage and THAT expensive that that.. just to throw it away. But what people do for money...

And Jessica.. I knew she was pregnant. It was so obvious, I don't' know why she bothered to try to keep "mum" about it. :) But I'm happy for her.

Kristine said...

I won’t hate on you! I’m not afraid to admit that I like the Kardashians’. I might not agree with them on everything but for the most part, I feel I’d fit right in with their craziness. And I TOTALLY loved The Newlyweds. I just don’t picture her as a mom. But stranger things have happened.

Brekke said...

I just started watching the Kardasian's, it's highly entertaining :) They seem like fun family and I'm not totally surprised that there marriage didn't last, it's sad though.

Heather said...

Polo is absolutely adorable!! Love that picture. I used to keep up with J. Simpson all the time. When she divorced Nick, I kinda stopped. I'm happy for her about the baby though. She has always wanted a child!

Savannah said...

Oh girlfriend! I LOVE me some celeb gossip and Kim K and Jessica are definitely two of the people I follow the most.

The Kim K situation makes me sick. Can you imagine what GOOD could have been done with all of the money spend and made on her big event? And think about the guests who paid to travel to her ceremony, brought expensive gifts, etc. So inconsiderate!

I was a HUGE Newlyweds fan and had slight depression after Nick and Jessica's seperation. They were so fun together and appeared to live such a great life. I'm with you that she's kind of fallen off since their divorce, but I do love her handbags and shoes. Interesting that she's pregnant ... and why would they try to keep it a secret for so long?

Thanks for sharing your feelings on these celeb situations! :)