Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recent Purchases

I have been Christmas shopping a lot in the past two weeks, but I'll be honest that I have been buying a lot of myself too. Is that bad? haha I wanted to show you everything, but sometimes I would buy one item for myself and one as a gift for one of my friends, so because of that I will just post a few of the items. 

I love these flats from GAP
They are cute with most outfits, I have received a lot of compliments on them
I love this pattern
I couldn't figure out the name of it until yesterday
This is an oversized throw from Kirklands
I went into Dress Barn the other day and found a steal
There heels were only $10! I thought they were too cute

Best bra ever! It is Assets by Sara Blakely 
You will love it!
I told you I love this pattern
I found this cute lamp at my favorite store.. TJ Maxx
Of course I had to have this tshirt to support my team! 
roll tide! 

Have you finished Christmas shopping? 
Do you like to shop for yourself? 


Sarah Jane said...

for some reason this year's christmas shopping as been the same for me! i find myself getting a present for someone while also grabbing something for myself! haha, but hey, i can't resist a good deal on shoes either!

Savannah said...

I'm guilty of the shopping for myself act too. Tis the season for great finds!

Holly said...

I love those leopard flats!

That pattern is usually called 'Quatrefoil'. :)

Anonymous said...

I have yet to begin!! I know, slap my wrists. I'm risking my well being this Saturday to go out to get some done.

Married...with a Pup said...

Love your finds! I love that pattern modern!