Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pinteresting Wedneday.. My Grown Up Christmas List

Christmas will be here in a little over a week!
Time has flown by!
I just gave my mom my Christmas list this week,
I couldn't think of what I wanted..
Crazy, I know!

I have finally thought of a few things for my Grown Up Christmas List
I am linking up with Michelle for Pintersting Wednesday
As well as Daphne for Semi-Wordless Wednesday
I love these iphone 4s covers
or maybe this one
for this iphone 4s!
now that I have moved back home
we do not have DVR and it drives me CRAZY
so I added it to the grown up Christmas list
love this color and the brand!
I actually want to read this,
but it would make a great centerpiece on my coffee table
Stocking stuffer
Kardashian Kollection Kolors
I need a new dresser
I thought this was lovely
Love this frame!
I just noticed it had a 13 on the helmet,
I am hoping for a 14 in Jan!
Call me crazy, but I really want to read this!
a bama girl can never have enough houndstooth
I have been to their shop in DC and I love watching their show!
I need this color!

That was just a quick look to what was on my list
Do you own any of the above and love or hate it?
Share your opinions! :)


Married...with a Pup said...

First, I have never tried Chanel brand nail it any good? Second, I kinda want to read Kris' book as well. Haha.

katie.michelle said...

Such a good list!! I have DVR and srsly cannot imagine living without it now! Sad?? :)

And WHAT, pray tell, is that OPI colour??? I LOVES IT!

And to Married...with a Pup: Chanel nail polish is AMAZE. Pricey, but amaze. And really, when you think about it being CHANEL (my personal fave designer brand) it's really not pricey at all. I mean, compared to the bags ;)

Rebecca said...

I really want one of those marleylilly monogram phone covers!!

Heather said...

Where did you find the frame?? Love it, of course! Roll Tide!

Savannah said...

Great list! I'd totally love to read the Kris Jenner book too!

Ruth said...

I had trouble coming up with a list too. and only could think of 3 things all around $20

Miss Lindsay said...

That pearl phone cover is crazy!! I want one.