Monday, January 9, 2012

Today is the Day

January 9th has finally come, the biggest game of the year for the avid college football fans. The National Championship rolls around each year and this year I cannot be prouder to say Roll Tide. The rematch of Bama and LSU. November 5, 2011 was a big day for Bama and Tiger fans because the #1 & #2 teams would play each other to see who would most likely advanced to the national title. The game was hard fought and after Bama missing 4 field goals the time was defeated 9 to 6. As a Tide fan I was crushed that the season to remember was over. ESPN reporters said it would take a miracle for Bama to be back in the running for the title since there were several teams who moved ahead in the BCS rankings. Week after week it seemed as if fate was on our side because all the teams who we needed to lose lost which placed Bama right back up to #2 in the nation. Many said Bama didn't deserve the right to play in the National Championship and play a team they had already faced earlier in the year. Some people said it wasn't fair that two teams from the SEC would play each other, but after all was said and done and the votes had been counted Bama was named a contender for the title!

If you are a football loving gal you will understand that football is a way of life especially here in Alabama. You see our state is known for having back to back National Champions. Alabama-2009, Auburn-2010. Maybe after tonight we can add, Alabama-2011. Alabamians eat, sleep and dream football. After April 27th Alabama forever changed, 55 tornados destroyed much of our staff including tearing up my college town at The University of Alabama. Bama's motto this season was: Playing for a purpose, re-bulding hope. What an honor it would be to bring home the national title after all the devastation Tuscaloosa and this stay endured on that day.

One of my all time favorite memories will be when my uncle, aunt, cousins and brother traveled to Pasadena, California in January 2010 to watch Bama play for the National Championship. We went out a week before the game and made it a vacation by going to Los Angeles and sight seeing.
I love this quote:

Have a fabulous Monday- Roll Tide!


David and Elizabeth said...

although we are sooner fans, i can say that i will be rooting for BAMA tonight! :)

Jenna said...

Roll Tide!! I am SOO excited! :) I am still crushed from the last time we played LSU.. hopefully tonight I will be healed! :)

Have a great Monday!

Amberly Enich said...

We've been waiting 2 months for this day!!! ROLLLLLLLL TIDFEEEEEE!!!!

Dayna Leigh said...

Just noticed our posts are very similar! Roll Tide girl, ready to bring the big win back to Tuscaloosa!

Brittney Denman said...

Hey Brittany,

We southern belles do love our SEC football!
{& yes, Roll Tide..for tonight}



I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award!

Taylor B. said...

This Ole Miss fan (who does not like football!) will be living vicariously through you tonight! Roll Tide!