Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Favorite Pins of the Week!

Wednesday is probably my favorite blogging day because I love Pinteresting Wednesday! You can link up with me at The Vintage Apple and you can share your pins! I choose to post my favorite random pins that I found this week. Sorry if they make you wish for spring because they mostly likely will. :)

I am in love with this bathing suit
The Tom Ballet slipper come out TODAY!
I am heading to their website now
I love everything about this outfit
Soo cute
I could just eat him up, haha
I have to get this color!!
I believe the name is punchy pink by essie
Polo is coming home this weekend!
I want to redo our living room to look like this!
Which one was your favorite?
Are you planning on ordering the new Toms?
Have a great day! :)


Cheryl E. said...

I would love to have that bathing suit. It is so pretty. And I would actually love to have her body more..haha. Great pins!

Have a great Wednesday girl!


Marie said...

I love that print !! Life is so much better with a dog :)

Holly said...

Great pins! I want some TOMS flats! And that baby in the bowl?! TOO CUTE!

just tututiny said...

My first pinterest entry with you gals - YAY!

I think it is time to shop for swimsuits now ;)

Leanna Vera said...

That swimsuit is adorable...I'm already excited for bathing suit weather!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I seriously had no idea until today that Toms were coming out with ballet flat - yes please!!

jessica said...

aw that bikini! too cute!

and i also pinned that living room this week..isn't it just gorgeous!

cute pins, girlfriend.
hope you check mines out.

Lisa said...

Love the living room. So fun!

Katie said...

that baby chef is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Those Toms flats are the the cutest Toms have ever made. So cute!